Faithfully | adv. Adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, cause, or idea.

Frugal | vrb. Practicing or marked by economy, as in the expenditure of money or the use of material resources.

My love of couponing inspired this blog. But Proverbs 31 shaped it. You see, I've always been mesmerized by the story of the Proverbs 31 woman. She's beautiful, smart, graceful, loving, patient... all the things I desire to be. She's timeless; her virtuous qualities suit every age, every generation. Among her many attributes is one of hard work. The Scriptures say she rises early and makes sure that her daily activities profit her household. She looks after the home, manages business affairs and is ruled by wisdom and her love for the Lord.

Here, in an effort to cultivate the qualities described in Proverbs 31, we'll focus on contributing to the financial well-being of our homes by being faithful stewards of the time and money God has entrusted to us. And we'll make it ridiculously fun while striking a balance between our love for a good deal and our devotion to family and friends.

One coupon at a time, we'll save more, spend less and contribute more to the Kingdom of God and our communities.

You in?


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