Thursday, May 15, 2014

Excedrin and Free Deodorant at CVS!

I've been staring at the computer for hours working on a book, and I'm quite shocked that I haven't developed a headache from the artificial glow of the screen. But had I developed such a thing, I would have plenty of Excedrin on hand.

Here's the deal:

Buy $20.00 in various pain relievers (including Excedrin) and receive $10.00 ExtraBucks.
I bought two 24ct. Excedrin Extra Strength and one 100ct. Excedrin Migraine
So, that's:

1 24ct. Excedrin Extra Strength, $4.99 - $2.00/1 Excedrin product = $3.99
1 24ct. Excedrin Extra Strength, $4.99 - $2.00/1 Excedrin product = $3.99
1 100ct. Excedrin Migraine, $11.99 - $2.50/1 Excedrin product, 100ct or more = $9.49

My total before coupons was $21.97, meeting the $20.00 necessary to get the ExtraBucks. After coupons, my total was brought down to $15.47

Because CVS honors their "Magic Coupon Machine" coupons up to two weeks after they've expired, I was also able to use a $4.00/$20.00 in pain relievers coupon, bringing my total down to $11.47. 

Since I had $10.00 ExtraBucks from a previous trip, it brought my total to just $1.47! Plus, I got $10.00 ExtraBucks for my next trip! Even if you didn't have ExtraBucks to spend, it's still like getting three boxes of pain reliever for just $1.47 since CVS is (essentially) trading you $10.00 for your $11.47.

Also on sale this week is Speed Stick Gear deodorant. It's just $3.99 and you'll receive $1.00 ExtraBucks when you buy one (Limit 1). The store was entirely out of stock, so I got a raincheck. The cashier was kind enough to staple my coupons to the raincheck. This way, even if the coupons expired, they would still be honored! That's a first! I had a $2.00/1 Speed Stick Gear deodorant manufacturer coupon and a $2.00/1 Speed Stick Gear deodorant CVS coupon. That's a $1.01 moneymaker! They get restocked Thursdays, so I'm hoping to swing by tomorrow to pick up my freebie.


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