Saturday, August 9, 2014

Skinny Cow | Club Skinny

Love Skinny Cow treats and novelties? Then you definitely want to check out their secret club:

Club Skinny

In their own words:

CLUB SKINNY™ is a social, fun, rewarding place to earn points that can be redeemed for coupons, swag and gift cards to places you shop. The more points you rack up, the higher your status. The higher your status, the more bonus points you earn! It's a cycle of awesomeness.
  • Step #1step_arrowJoin Club Skinny
  • Step #2step_arrowEarn points by completing tasks like sharing photos and taking surveys
  • Step #3step_arrowRedeem those points for Skinny Cow® ice cream and snacks, and e-gift cards
  • Step #4step_arrowEnjoy said rewards and impress your friends
We'll keep track of your lifetime points earned and with each new point, watch your status rise! As you achieve each new level, you'll get bonus points so you can get those rewards even faster.
Take it from someone who has already signed up: It took all of 10 minutes to reach the 1,600 point threshold and surpass the Starlet Level.
Click the link above and register! When you do, you'll start earning points right away (and I'll earn 250 bonus points! Wahoo! It's a win-win-win.)


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