Monday, July 15, 2013

Celebrate the NEW Shaws!

You've probably heard the rumors. You've probably heard the coupon-crazed stories - I sure have. But it's true!

Shaws has tossed the Rewards Card, slashed their prices and is now accepting competitor's coupons! Really, they are. I promise. Couponers everywhere, rejoice!

Check out the website, but be patient. You'll notice that their coupon policy hasn't been updated and that if you sign up for their email savings, you're still asked for your Rewards Card number. Don't let that fool you. In-store signage doesn't lie :)

I'm not sure how long they'll accept competitor's coupons, so stock up while you can. Had I known that this new policy started a few days ago, I would have scooped up ridiculous savings on cereal using Market Basket's in-store coupon for $4.00/4 boxes of General Mills cereal. Combine that with $0.75/1 coupons and I could have taken home four boxes of cereal for only $0! Plus a free gallon of milk!

I'll be keep an eye on this game-changing play. Stay tuned!


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