Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Money Making CVS Shopping Trip!

Paid to shop? Oh, yes. I. am. All this for $5.95
out of pocket, plus $7.00 Extra Bucks!
You know your couponing is rubbing off on your husband when he starts saving boxes of cereal that contain anything that resembles a coupon. Love that man. I came home today and box of Honey Comb Cereal was left on the counter - empty. As I walked it to the trash, he called out, "Wait! There's a coupon thingy on that..." There was. A Box Top "coupon." 

It'll take some training, but he's getting there! No box goes unsearched for coupons in this house :)

I tell you this story because A. I like to brag about my husband's awesomeness, and B. That's exactly how I managed to score free tissues this week.

Here we go:

Puffs Tissues 48 ct.
Regularly $2.49 on sale for $0.99.
I bought three and used three $1.00/1 coupons 

(I found the coupons on the inside of the Puffs Tissue boxes! You know that cardboard circle you peel off before using the tissues? They are on the cardboard so don't throw them away!) = FREE plus $0.03 overage!

Select Dove, Caress, Lever and Degree Products
Buy $15.00, Get $5.00 Extra Bucks
Buy one Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash, regularly 6.49 on sale for $4.00. Use one $1.00/1 coupon = $3.00
Buy one Dove Body Wash 18-24 oz., regularly $7.99 on sale for $7.50. Use one $1.00/1 coupon = $6.50
Buy one Dove Shampoo, regularly $4.99 on sale for $3.00. Use one $1.00/1 coupon = $2.00

Buy one Dove Conditioner, regularly $4.99 on sale for $3.00
All together = $14.50 plus $5.00 Extra Bucks 

A note: There are many different combinations you can use to get your out-of-pocket even lower. My store was out of the Men+Care Shampoo, which messed me up a bit. So I opted to get a larger Body Wash and an extra conditioner - even though I didn't have a coupon - to make up the difference and still get the $5.00 Extra Bucks.

Herbal Essence Products
Buy two, Get $1.00 Extra Buck

Buy one Herbal Essence Shampoo, regularly $4.49 on sale for $2.50
Buy one Herbal Essence Mousse, regularly $4.49 on sale for $2.50
Use a Buy one, get one free coupon (my coupon automatically took off the FULL coupon value of $4.99!!) and $2.50/$12 in hair products from the Magic Coupon Machine (includes the Herbal Essence products and Dove products) = FREE plus $1.00 Extra Bucks and $2.49 overage!

A reminder - you cannot use a $1.00/1 coupon with the BOGO coupon. BOGO coupons apply to two items and, therefore, you cannot use another manufacturer's coupon. You CAN use a store coupon, however.

Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick Deodorant
Regularly $3.49, on sale for $1.99
Buy two, use $1.00/2 coupon and $2.00/2 CVS store coupon = $0.98 for two!

All Laundry Detergent
Regularly $8.29, on sale for $3.99
Buy one, use $1.00/1 coupon= $1.99

Total Before Coupons = $56.58
Total After Coupons and $10 Extra Bucks from last trip = $5.95 PLUS $7.00 Extra Bucks!

I plan to return later this week to scoop up the FREE Starbucks Ice Coffee and the FREE first aid kit deal before the end of the week (I just need to scout out some Band-Aid and Neosporin coupons before hitting the sale!)

So - are you finding coupons in obscure places? Please share! And I'd love to hear about any other good deals I may have missed :)

Happy couponing!


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