Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shaws Update!

Last night Shaws updated their Facebook page with the following information regarding competitor coupons. Please note that some of the coupons previously accepted will no longer be accepted in store:

Competitor Store Coupons Promotion
Shaw’s and Star Market will only Accept Competitor Coupons from the following:
Traditional Supermarket (within our New England trading area)
This would include but not be limited to stores such as Hannaford, Stop & Shop, Big Y, Price Chopper, Walmart & Target food stores etc.
Club / Wholesale Stores
This will include but not be limited to stores such as BJ’s and Costco. However, the coupon must be for the same item and the same size as the item being purchased (often Club stores carry bulk and large pack sizes items that we do not carry). Coupons that read "any item" must read an exact size range, and we must carry an item in that size range.

Coupons we will not accept:
Stores outside our geographic area:
Shaw's operates in MA, ME, NH, RI, & VT  ex: Publix coupons will not be accepted. 

Stores that are not Traditional Supermarkets: Dicks Sporting Goods, Clothing Stores (Macy's, Aeropostal), Office Max, Staples, Michaels, Restaurants, Etc.  
Percent Off Coupons: Percent off an item coupons and percent off a total puchase will not be accepted.   
Drug Stores: We will no longer accept drug store coupons. CVS, Walgreen's etc. 
  • We will not take expired coupons.  
  • We will not accept Family Dollar or Dollar General store coupons. 
  • We will not accept Dollar Store coupons. 
Additional Notes: 
  • All competitive store item specific coupons must match the exact item being purchased (item, size, count) and must have a valid date printed on the coupon.
  • A competitor 'store' coupon can be stacked with a valid Manufacturer Coupon. However, a Shaw's Store coupon cannot be stacked together with a Competitor store coupon.   
  • Basket coupons for example ($5 off $50.00) are acceptable as long as they meet the requirements.
  • Store Director always has the right to limit quantities.
  • Be sure to follow Shaws coupon acceptance policy for competitor coupons accepted.  For example:  An internet competitors coupon for a free item would not be redeemable at Shaws as we do not accept internet coupons on any free items.


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