Sunday, January 6, 2013

Coupon Bliss!

This Sunday's paper has FIVE coupon inserts! The coupons are valued at over $244!! I lucked out and got SIX coupon inserts in my paper (someone accidently slipped in two SmartSource pamphlets.) Pick up a couple of papers and clip, clip, clip away. 

I usually clip all of them and make two piles: one for the coupons I'll use and file away and another for coupons I'll bring to work. Monday morning, I'll bring in the coupons that I'll never use (like Pampers coupons, for example), and I'll hand them to my coworker and she'll hand her unused coupons to me. We both snag the coupons we want and then circulate them through our department for other Couponers to pick through

Don't have people to trade with? Find some! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for anyone at work or at school who enjoy couponing. Or perhaps you can swap your unused coupons with your mom's unused coupons. It's a win, win!


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