Saturday, January 5, 2013

High Value Coupons!

Good morning, Couponers. There are a few sites I recommend that you check out that have some pretty high-value coupons available to print. Some of the sites require you to register, which can be frustrating, I know. But I highly recommend it. I have an email account set up just for things like this, so that my personal email doesn't get flooded with ads, recipes and other promotional material. So sign up and print away! (this goes without saying ;] ) and
Both sites have some really great coupons (most of them are the same, so you can print them more than once!). They may not seem like a lot, but they double at Shaws and Stop and Shop. Shaws is having a phenomenal deal this week on cereal, which I'll get into with my next post, so be sure to print these out!

Here are a few that stood out to me:


Get clippin'! :)


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