Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shaws Overhaul

Who says Couponers can't eat healthy? Take a look at free carrots, five pounds of clementines and a bag of fresh lettuce! 

This overhaul is a little tricky, but I'll try to break it down step by step:

This week, Shaws is having special "DEAL$". There are several DEAL$, but some are "Limited Time DEAL$". The Limited Time DEAL$ are special price cuts that are applicable with $10 minimum qualifying purchase using your Shaw's Rewards Card (not including the DEAL$ items, of course). For instance, General Mills Cereal is on sale this week with your Shaws Card for 2 for $5.00. But if you purchase $10 in other products throughout the store, that sale price drops to $1.88. You can check out all the deals at and in the weekly circular.You can also print out $8.00 in Web exclusive coupons at These include $1.50 off Everyday Essential products (Shaws brand). That's a great coupon given that there are many items that are $1.00 or less so you could get up to two items for free! 

Also, for the entire winter season Shaws will be offering free vegetables with your purchase of the "meat of the week." This week, it's beef shoulder roast or eye round roast.

So, to get to my $10 minimum to see the special deals to be in effect, I purchased:

Four Simplait Yoplait Yogurts that were on sale for $0.50 each (regularly $0.75). I used two $0.30/1 coupons and two $0.40/1 coupons which double to $0.60 and $0.80 respectively. These made the yogurts FREE, plus, I got overage since the coupons more than covered the yogurt. So I started my $10 total at -$0.80 since that additional amount is "overage" that will be applied to other items. (Remember, you must purchase $10 using your Shaws Rewards Card AFTER coupons, discounts etc.)

I then bought eight more Yoplait Whips! (on sale for $0.50, regularly $0.75) and used $0.50/8 which doubled to $1.00. That's $3.00 total.

Dole Salad Blends were 50% off and I had a Shaws Coupon for $1.00/1 Dole Salad Blends (if you sign up for weekly emails, you would have received this coupon as well). They are regularly $2.79, but at 50% the bag was only $1.39. With coupon? Only $0.39!

I also purchased Eye Round Roast which is the "meat of the week." It's usually $5.19/lb. but was on sale for $2.99/lb. I bought a three pound roast and paid only $9.24. Plus, a FREE 3 lb. bag of carrots!

And last but not least, Green Giant Steamers were on sale for B2G1 Free. At $1.69 each and $1.00/3 coupon, I paid $2.38 for three boxes.

Now I have plenty for the even better deals:

General Mills Cereal is only $1.88 per box with $10 minimum purchase. I used two $0.50/1 box of Cookie Crisp and a $1.00/2 coupon. Since the two $0.50 coupons double, I got four boxes (two Cookie Crisp, regularly $3.99, and two Reeses Puffs, regularly $4.79) for only $4.52! And to sweeten the deal, two of the boxes have codes for FREE movie tickets. I've redeemed them before and they really work! Two boxes = 1 free movie ticket valued up to $12. I essentially made money off this deal :)

A 12 pack of Scott toilet paper, regularly $10.99, for only $5.88 (price effective with $10 purchase)

With a $10 minimum purchase, there's a 5 lb. box of clementines for only $3.99. If you got your weekly Shaws email, you probably noticed the $1.00/1 box of clementines. Score! Five pounds of fresh fruit for only $2.99.

Lastly, because I purchased at least five of the DEAL$, I could use the Web exclusive coupons mentioned above. I purchased a Culinary Circle Pizza, regulalry $5.49" on sale for $4.99, and used a $2.50/1 Culinary Circle product. Delicious, cheesy pizza for only $2.49. I also snagged some oatmeal for Eric. They were BOGO at $2.99 each. Used the $1.50/1 Everyday Essentials products I mentioned above and got two boxes for only $1.49!

TOTAL PAID: $32.58

That's a savings of 61%!

If you purchase exactly what I did, you'll receive a number of catalinas (coupons that print out at the register) - some are store coupons, some are manufacturer coupons - good on your next purchase. I already know what I'm picking up on Monday. Fiber One granola bars are on sale for $1.88 with $10 purchase and I received two 1.00/1 granola purchase store coupon. Combine that with a manufacturers coupon and it's better than FREE!

New Year, new deals. 2013 is already shaping up to be a winner :)


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